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Nonetheless, only women that have no contraindications are expected to be taking Female Viagra.

If you establish any of the supposed "heart symptoms" (nausea, tingling, upper body pain, queasiness) do not proceed using this medicine and contact your medical professional when possible.

It's constantly vital to see to it you take the precise dosage your medical professional recommended, which is often FIFTY mg.

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Any kind of wellness conditions from the listed here ought to be mentioned and gone over before you will certainly have the ability to take Female Viagra: higher or low blood pressure, tummy abscess, heart rhythm problems, liver illness, record of a cardiac arrest or a stroke, congestive heart failure, physical defect of the penis, hemorrhaging disorder, blood cell disorder, retinitis pigmentosa, coronary canal disease, renal disease, and cardiovascular disease.

Make sure you report to your healthcare carrier any conditions that you think are likely to disrupt the treatment, such as several myeloma, very high or low blood pressure, leukemia, sickle cell anemia, a record of a stroke, cardiovascular disease within the period of 6 months.